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Horst Heinzlreiter

I was born in 1954 in Steyr (Austria). I am married with Helga and we have one son. I studied to become a teacher of German and Art. I took up Bonsai in 1983, with my collection consisting mainly of local native material.

Horst HeinzlreiterAt the same time I became involved in Bonsai pottery and since the mid-eighties I produce pots for my own use as well as for others. My favorite material to work on are yamadori and especially Pinus Mugo and Larix.

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Some of Horst Heinzlreiter's Bonsai trees

Horst Heinzlreiter bonsai
Acer Palmatum (Japanese maple bonsai) 'Oto Hime'

Bonsai by Horst Heinzlreiter
Parthenocissus tricuspidatus

Yamadori mugo bonsai
Pinus Mugo

Contact information

Location: Sierning, Austria
Email: keramik.heinzlreiter(at)

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