Jarek Lenarczyk was born on the 14th of August, 1964 in Poland. He's now living in Ascheberg (Germany). Since 15 years he is a lover of Bonsai. Every day he discovers new aspects of his hobby and daily professional work.

Jarek LenarczykHe works as a professional Bonsai artist and tries to advance his own knowledge. He does what he loves to do. In 2000, Salvatore Liporace invited him to learn the Bonsai art in Studio Botanico. After that time Jarek started to work with Bonsai in Germany and studied more and more about how to care and grow a lot of different kinds and varieties of Bonsai. In 2005 he decided to study the art of Bonsai in Japan. His choice fell on the Taisho-en run by Mr. Nobuichi Urushibata. Since that time Jarek visits his master (Oyakata) and studies, year by year over and over to gain more and more experience.


Quick facts

Appeared at these events: various events in- and outside Europe

Appeared in these magazines: various national and international magazines

Awards: Hai Yama Ten (for Best Bonsai Display and Best Shohin bonsai)

Books: N/A



More information about Jarek Lenarczyk

Jarek Lenarczyk often gives workshops, courses and Bonsai demonstrations and has written a lot of articles for Bonsai magazines. He also made a guest appearance in DVD- Planet Bonsai 2 ,,Rock planting A-Z" showing his knowledge about Bonsai styling. He has won at many shows and exhibitions and received awards for his work.


Some of Jarek Lenarczyk's Bonsai trees

Jarek Lenarczyk Akamatsu bonsai

Akamatsu (Japanese Red Pine)


Goyo matsu bonsai

Goyo-matsu (Japanese Five Needle Pine)



collection of shohin bonsai



Contact information

Location: Ascheberg, Germany

Email: See below

Website: www.facebook.com/jlenarczyk