My interest in Bonsai began as a teenager when I visited the Bonsai exhibit at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. In 1977 while living in Florida my interest was re-kindled after seeing some Ficus bonsai.

Jerry MeislikSince then I have been actively studying trees and how to grow them in containers and creating bonsai. I have been fortunate to have exposure to many excellent Bonsai teachers. My knowledge increased as I traveled to foreign countries to study their Bonsai and design concepts. My interests in Bonsai are varied but among my special interests are tropical/indoor Bonsai and especially Ficus. With indoor Bonsai I can grow plants that I could not grow outdoors and have a year round hobby. Over the years I have had the opportunity to teach and lecture about bonsai. I have also written and published a book, Ficus: The Exotic Bonsai and written a second book, Introduction To Indoor bonsai, as well as being active in writing articles on various Bonsai topics.


Quick facts

Appeared at these events: Ann Arbor Bonsai Society, Ann Arbor Garden Club, Bonsai Study Group, Columbus Bonsai Society, Bonsai Assocation of Michigan, American Bonsai Society Symposium and others.

Appeared in these magazines: various magazines including: Great Lakes Bonsai Magazine, BCI Magazine, bonsai-Journal of the ABS, Bonsai with Tropicals

Awards: Various

Books: "Ficus: The Exotic bonsai", "Introduction to Indoor bonsai"



Some of Jerry Meislik's Bonsai trees

Ficus by Jerry Meislik

Ficus by Jerry Meislik


Bonsai ficus

Image of a Bonsai Ficus tree.


Larch bonsai




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Location: Florida, USA

Email: jerry (at)