I'm doing Bonsai for 15 years now and in these years I have participated in various competitions and exhibitions. I have received several awards in Spain, Italy and Belgium.

Jose Luis Blasco PazI only want conifers; my collection consists of Junipers, Taxus, European Pines and Japanese Pines. The most exciting thing for me to do is to prepare a tree for an exhibition. Four months before the exhibition, I'm looking for a suitable accent plant for the tree, a well-matching stand etc. Seeing the final display on the exhibition and people appreciating my work is my best reward.


Quick facts

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Awards: various awards in Europe (Spain, Italy and Belgium)

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Some of Jose Luis Blasco Paz's Bonsai trees

Taxus bonsai



Juniper bonsai tree




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Location: Madrid, Spain

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Website: www.bonsaimania.com