Manoj Kumar, 44, born in Delhi, India, he is among the most experienced Bonsai artist in India, and being considered as one of the pioneer Indian Bonsai artist.

Manoj KumarHe has been into Bonsai for more than 25 years. He started his first Bonsai at the age of 15, when he first saw a Bonsai in a Flower Show, Noida, UP. Since then he keeps on practicing and experimenting on his creations


Quick facts

Appeared at these events: In India - Mumbai, Delhi, Baroda Exhibitions and Taiwan Exhibition

Appeared in these magazines: Indian Express media, Horticulture, Mumbai, All Indian Bonsai Club and association

Awards: Received many consecutive awards in India and work published in Japan Photo Competitions

Books: N/A



More information about Manoj Kumar

As he believes art is about learning from practical experiences. His personal favorite style is formal upright and divi divi Penjing landscapes. He also gets inspirations from the work of Bonsai artist - Robert Steven, from whom he received his limited edition book “Vision of My Soul” as a token of appreciation for his work. He judges Bonsai for Indian Bonsai Associations and various other competitive events.


Some of Manoj Kumar's Bonsai trees

Bonsai tree Manoj Kumar

Bonsai by Manoj Kumar


Manoj india bonsai

Bonsai by Manoj Kumar


Manoj Kumar

Bonsai by Manoj Kumar



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Location: India

Email: contact (at)