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Marija Hajdić

Marija Hajdić (Dubrovnik, 1976) graduated at the Faculty of Law Split and works in legal profession.

MarijaWas born in 1976 in Dubrovnik, Croatia. She has Master of Laws degree, and works in her profession. She owns collection of about 100 domestic deciduous an evergreen trees, almost all yamadori trees collected by herself. From 2018 with Sergio Luciani she runs Meleda Bonsai Studio in Dicmo, Croatia, From 2011. exhibiting trees regularly at Thropy, Belgium. She had few solo exhibitions in Germany and Croatia. Writing articles for Bonsai Focus and Bonsai Esprit. Beside group or individual workshops in her Studio in Croatia she is having workshops and demonstrations internationally.

Quick facts

Appeared at these events: various, including: Trophy- Belgium, BonsaiAutumn- Switzerland, Generation Bonsai – Germany, 4th Zhongguo Feng Penjing Exhibition, China, CPAA China shan shui and multimedia penjing national competition, China, etc

Appeared in these magazines: various, including: Bonsai Focus, Bonsai Esprit, China Penjing & Scholars Rocks

Awards: 2011- Nomination at exhibition Bonsai Autumn 7, Switzerland, Special Prize for best Native tree in natural style from Bonsai Museum, Dusseldorf, at exhibition Bonsai Autumn 7, Switzerland
2018-Nomination in category broadleaved trees at Noleanders Trophy XIX, Belgium
2019-Nomination in category broadleaved trees at Trophy XX, Belgium.

More information about Marija Hajdić

“Bonsai is an art form - live sculpture. Trees are medium. My inspiration comes from nature. Doing bonsai is my inner never ending quest for something new, for pushing boundaries of my perception. How to see, how to be able to recognize potential of material, how to make obvious, or emphasise something that on starting material exists only as indication. That process brings me great enjoyment, and make me feel really alive. It’s intimate, it’s personal, Doing bonsai I’m improving myself on many levels, but visible “result” of all that process belongs to others, to the viewers, and their impression in front of the tree, and in that moment bonsai artist is irrelevant.”
From interview with Marija Hajdic in Bonsai Focus.

Demo by Marija

Some of Marija Hajdić's Bonsai

Olea Sylvestris bonsai
Olea sylvestris

Pistacia Lentiscus
Pistacia lentiscus

Prunus Cerasifera bonsai
Prunus cerasifera

Contact information

Location: Dicmo, Croatia
Email: mariha.bonsai(at)

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