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Mauro Stemberger

Mauro Stemberger was born in 1978 in Feltre, Italy and works as an architect and Bonsai artist. At the age of 14, he became fascinated about the art of Bonsai and started his passion with the local Bonsai club Feltre.

Mauro StembergerIn the period 1994-2001 he had the chance to join workshops from well-known Bonsai artists like Hotsumi Terakawa, Marc Noelanders, Horst Crekler, Edoardo Rossi and Salvatore Liporace. In 2002, during a meeting in Arco, he had the chance to meet Alfiero Suardi and Enrico Savini. Thank to them he could improve his Bonsai techniques and in the meanwhile studying architecture at the IUAV university in Venice.
In 2005 he founded the Italian Bonsai Dream, a workshop place with a group of enthusiasts to work with and enjoy the Bonsai art for the fully 100 percent. In 2006 he graduated as an architect and started working in his own town.
Since 2008 he's a recognized BCI (Bonsai Club International) Bonsai Instructor and from 2008 till 2010 he was President of the UBI (Italian Bonsai Association) and director of the UBI Bonsai Magazine.

Quick facts

Appeared at these events: Noelanders Trophy, Certrè, bonsaiautumn, UBI Convention, Gingko Award, Franchi Bonsai Competition, Shooman Bonsai Competition and more

Appeared in these magazines: Bonsai Focus, UBI Bonsai Magazine, BCI Bonsai & stone appreciation magazine and more

Awards: Award Certificate of International Winner of the World Bonsai Photo Contest "Bonsai no Kokoro" (2005, 2006), UBI Mention of Merit (2005, 2006, 2011, 2012), UBI Award (2007, 2009, 2010, 2012), BCI Bonsai Photo Competition Winner (2011), Gold Medal at Noelanders Trophy 2012, 1st prize Franchi Bonsai Competition, 1st prize Shooman Bonsai Competition and many other (2nd, 3rd) places, mentions and nominations

Books: N/A

More information about Mauro Stemberger

Currently (for the last 4 years) he's doing demonstrations and workshops for Bonsai Clubs and Associations in Mexico, USA, Belgium, Germany, Holland, Italy, Croatia, England, Austria, France, Portugal, Czech Republic, Lithuania and Poland.

He particularly loves to work with conifers, Pines, Junipers (Itoigawa, Sabina) and especially Larch. "The continuous research of an esthetic perfection, which we will never succeed to achieve in the course of our short life. That's what makes us appreciate these small living pieces day by day, having the honor to see them on the stands in our garden. Therefore the passion for this particular art holds alive in me and in the time coming."

The garden of Mauro (Bonsai Dream)

Some of Mauro Stemberger's Bonsai trees

Pinus bonsai by Mauro Stemberger

UBI bonsai
Pinus Villetta Barrea (UBI Mention 2012)

Juniperus kishu by Mauro Stemberger
Juniperus Kishu (UBI Prize 2012)

Contact information

Location: Feltre, Italy
Email: stemberger(at)

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