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Michael Tran

I'm Michael Tran, I was born in 1982. I started doing Bonsai in 2006. Right from the start Mr. Udo Fischer, my teacher, showed me the 'quality way' of Bonsai.

Michael TranFrom here on I had the opportunity to learn from Japanese Masters like Iura, Katagiri, Esaka and Nobu as I met them. I have participated in national as well as in international exhibitions. I believe that when the time has come every practitioner of Bonsai should participate in exhibitions. Presenting beautiful Bonsai to the public is a way to give something back to all the people that share your passion. In 2009, I founded Minoru Bonsai with the idea of distributing all the knowledge and products to help the ambitious Bonsai enthusiast reach a higher level of trees. I am happy that quality Bonsai is getting more and more attention and that there are a lot of great young people out there. I have high hopes for the future of Bonsai when I think of the generations of Bonsai artists yet to come and that will be able to work with the masterpieces that are created today.

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"Bonsai was fascination – by the beauty of nature.

Bonsai was an ambition – to become better and better.

Bonsai was my pride – with the success and the talent I was told to have.

Bonsai was my obsession and work – to prove to those that said I couldn’t make a living doing only Bonsai that I could.

Bonsai became my passion and dream – as I realized that what people think is important, but trees are more important."

With that, one day I found myself surrounded by people who invested so much of their time, their knowledge and their efforts into my dream, that my wish to give something back to these people has been a great motivation ever since. Bonsai is my form of gratitude towards all the people that have supported and believed in me. Without them I wouldn’t be where I am today.

The garden of Michael (Minoru Bonsai)

Some of Michael Tran's Bonsai trees

Juniper by Michael Tran
'Thunder Juniper' (Juniperus)

Pinus by Michael tran

Stewartia bonsai tree

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Location: Heidelberg, Germany
Email: michael.tran(at)

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