Having completed studies in Civil Work Design and raided widely in the world of visual arts through painting, sculpture and photography, Nacho Marin decides to transit through the millennial art of Bonsai due to the intense magnetism that attracts him to it.

Nacho MarinTo be able to intervene these trees and recreate with them images of nature in an artistic way, became an absolute life passion for this recognized artist: Nacho Marin. For him, Bonsai is a virtual space where nature allows us to play at creating it. He is a professional photographer and professor at the Venezuelan Society of Photographers, an institution recognized by the "Professional Photographers of America". His beginnings as a resultt were empirical until 2002 when he joined the Venezuelan Bonsai Society. Here, he exchanges his knowledge with other Bonsai enthusiasts and deepen his own. His teacher there was Yolanda Gordon. He took the basic, intermediate and advanced courses in the Bonsai Conservationist Society in Valencia, Venezuela, 2005. There, his teachers were Milagros Rauber and Luisa de Alfaro. In 2006 he also took basic, intermediate and advanced courses for trainers. Since 2009 his teacher is Master Salvatore Liporace.


Quick facts

Appeared at these events: various events all around the world

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Awards: Milagros Rauber Award (FELAB 2003), Public Assistant Award (FELAB 2003), Ben Oki Award (WBFF 2005), World Bonsai Contest international winner (2006 and 2007), 3rd place National Talents Award (FELAB 2005), Pedro Morales Award (World Congress BCI and FELAB)

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Demo by Nacho Marin


Some of Nacho Marin's Bonsai trees

Nacho Marin bonsai

Ficus Benjamina Nuda


Conocarpus Erectus bonsai

Conocarpus Erectus


Nacho Marin bonsai trees

Pithecellobium Tortun



Contact information

Location: Caracas, Venezuela

Email: contact via website

Website: www.nachomarin.com