Originating from Europe, boxes (buxus) are densely branched scrubs often used in hedges. Most boxes are hardy and meant to grow outdoors, although some species can be grown indoors. The box is popular for Bonsai purposes as it has small leaves and a very fine branch structure, sometimes it flowers in spring. Two peculiarities; the box’ wood is heavier than water (!) and its leaves are very poisonous.

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Specific care Bonsai guidelines for the Buxus (Boxwood)

Position: The box is an outdoor tree that withstands sun as well as shade. Protect it during the winter.

Watering: General watering practice.

Feeding: Once every two or three weeks during its growth season.

Pruning: Boxes grow rather slow; pruning does not need any specific advice. The tree withstands aggressive techniques like Jin and Shari.

Repotting: Repot Buxus Bonsai every two years in spring, using a basic soil mixture.

Propagation: From cuttings during summer.

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Example of a Buxus (boxwood) Bonsai tree

Buxus, Boxwood Bonsai