Fuchsia microphylla and magellanica


Bonsai care and maintenance

Consisting of over 8000 species, Fuchsia trees used for Bonsai purposes are often of the “microphylla” or the “magellanica” kind. The tree grows fast and has pink/purple flowers in the summer. Most Fuchsia species are hardy, but need to be protected carefully during the winter.

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Fuchsia Bonsai Care guidelines


The Fuchsia Bonsai needs a bright, sunny spot if you want to let it grow extensive flowering. Otherwise, provide the tree some shade in the afternoon. It needs to be either kept inside or protected from temperatures below 5 degrees C (41F) when placed outside.


Normal watering, misting is advisable as the tree likes high humidity. Continue reading about watering Bonsai trees.


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Fertilize the Fuchsia throughout the growing season, from early spring to fall, using an organic fertilizer.


To increase ramifications prune/pinch the tree regularly during the growth season. If you wish to grow thicker branches or a thicker trunk remove the flowers at all times, but do not prune the branches. Continue reading about pruning Bonsai trees.


As the Fuchsia’s root system grows rapidly, annual repotting is required. A basic soil mix can be used. Continue reading about repotting Bonsai trees.


Use cuttings during the summer.

Pests and diseases

Fuchsia Bonsai can be susceptible to aphids, when these are found on your tree you can apply a mild insecticide. For more detailed information on these techniques, check out our Bonsai tree care section.

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Fuchsia Bonsai

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