The premna is a sub-tropical plant native to the Indian subcontinent and South-east Asia. Over a hundred species of Premna exist, with the Premna Obtusifolia, Microphylla and Serratifolia as popular choices for Bonsai.

Its small leaves and beautifully textured trunk make it a popular species used for Bonsai and Shohin sized Bonsai. In summer the tree flowers occasionally.

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Specific Bonsai care guidelines for the Premna

Position: The premna Bonsai is a (sub) tropical tree, that needs temperatures above 50°F (10°C). When placed indoors it needs a relatively high humidity and lots of light.

Watering: Water thoroughly and frequently, allowing the soil to dry only slightly (not completely!) in between waterings. If the leaves hang you are late with watering.

Feeding: Fertilize in the growing season with a liquid fertilizer.

Pruning and wiring: As the tree grows lots of new shoots from the trunk you can style the tree by only pruning. But to speed the process you can wire the branches, make sure you check after wiring to see the wire is not damaging the bark - the premna Bonsai tree grows very fast.

Repotting: Once every two years using a basic soil mixture, in early spring.

Propagation: Cuttings are recommended, seeds are also possible.

Pests and diseases: Check for aphids and scale

Popular species: Premna Serratifolia, Obtusifolia and Microphylla.

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Premna Bonsai

Hwa Fong Bonsai, Taiwan 2017

Premna obtusifolia, Taiwan.