Bonsai are known for their small size. But Mame Bonsai (up to 4" or 10cm) take the quest for miniaturization one step further. Mame and pottery artist Haruyosi (Japan) shares with us several of his miniature works of wonder.



Mini Prunus Bonsai

Absolutely stunning, a Prunus incisa Thunb. ex Murray, in full bloom.


Pyracantha Mini Bonsai

Pyracantha angustifolia


Juniper Mini Bonsai

Most Mame Bonsai are around 2" (5cm) tall, like this Juniper. Mame literally means "Bean" in Japanese.


Hinoki seedlings

Hinoki and Shinpaku seedlings, to be styled and trained as Mame Bonsai.


Hinoki Mame Bonsai

One of the seedlings is placed in a tiny Bonsai pot.


Chirimenkazura Bonsai

Two Mame are repotted into small, glazed pots.


Chirimenkazura Mini Bonsai

The result.


Chaenomeles Mini Bonsai

A miniature Chaenomeles speciosa.


Komayumi Bonsai

Komayumi, with large roots, ready to be potted.


Komayumi plants

The Komayumi, after root pruning.


Komayumi Mame Bonsai

The Komayumi, planted in small Bonsai pots.


Maple Bonsai

Kaede maples, ready to be potted.



Mini maple Bonsai

The result.


Premna Bonsai

For its tiny size, this Premna japonica is quite mature and realistic.


Kusamono 1

Two accent plants (Shitakusa), Saxifraga stolonifera.


Kusamono 2

Closeup of the Saxifraga stolonifera.