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TOPIC: Which branch to cut?

Which branch to cut? 6 years 6 months ago #2440

Different plants have different growth rates. Some grow faster and some much slower. When we need to cut the side branches or in case to remove a branch what is the criteria to select which branch to retain, which to remove? In many fast growing tropical species, there are two types of branches. Some fast growing and easily thickening. Others with short internodes and slow growing. If we retain fast growing one, they will have longer inter nodes which result in non appealing looks. Comment on this
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Re: Which branch to cut? 6 years 6 months ago #2442

Hi there,

I would say location is everything. So, rather than deciding based on growth speed, base it on location. Which branch is on the right location. Also, remember that although deciduous trees may quite easily resprout on the main trunk, the coniferous species do so less easily.

Also, what is the main reason for the branc: are you going to keep it in the final design of the tree, or will this branch be used for creating taper and width. In the latter case, you want a branch that is fast growing and thickening. Oherwise, slow groing and short internodal distances are a preference. But then still: The location will determine whether the branch fits the design.
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Re: Which branch to cut? 6 years 6 months ago #2491

just to add a little ...as in with a trunk, depending on the wanted size of said branches in question a repetition of growing picking a new leader and chopping may be needed to acheive the desired thickness and taper.
as for picking branches to keep or remove the are guidlines that are followed by traditional bonsai growers eg: 1st branch to be 1/3 up the trunk,no downward growing branches, branches should alternate sides ex...
me myself i study trees in nature and their patterns of growth and use that along with the traditional "rules" of bonsai to style my trees
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