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TOPIC: Growing Bonsai Indoors

Growing Bonsai Indoors 6 years 6 months ago #2734

Now, I'm sure that the purists out there will not agree with solely growing indoors, but I'm wondering if it's a good idea to grow trees completely inside. I've been pondering whether or not to get a timed grow light and an irrigation system to potentially speed up improve the quality of growth for my two new Maple seedlings.

Any help in this area would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Growing Bonsai Indoors 6 years 6 months ago #2737

Nature is the best environment to grow your trees. As a best-second you could use greenhouse environment, or for some tropicals, the house.

The species you refer to I would never ever consider growing indoors. They are from temperate regions. They require a dormant period in order to stay healthy. Wind dries foliage, soil etc so that fungi don't stand a chance. Insects don't become a plague because natural predators will quickly find it.
Also, growing indoors will not make the quality better. You might get perfect growing conditions for the season. But without any wind on the plant, your trunk will not develop as much character. The nebari will not be forced to develop with strong root-lines. And the occasional wind-trimming adds a naturaly beauty to the plant, which you will not obtain artificially (Which is also why top trees are more often than not, Yamadori trees).

So, that was the why it is a bad idea, from a biological point of view. Now the purist in me.. ;) Bonsai is not about being hasty. It is about slowing down, and creating beautifull pieces of art the way nature would have done, but than much smaller. Why would you want to speed it up?

Those are my 2p. Up to you to decide what you want to do.
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Re: Growing Bonsai Indoors 6 years 6 months ago #2742

:unsure: I am hoping to build a greenhouse once I move to Missouri. May not happen for a year or so .. but that is the plan. We have 4.2 acres there.

... Until then, I plan to stick with trees that grow in my zone. (5a)

I may get a tropical to keep in the house for my Mom. :lol: I plan on teaching her as I go along. I am sure she will enjoy it as much as me. I inherited my green thumb and learned to enjoy the outdoors from her.

:cheer: **** Thanx Ma !! **** :P

I will be following along as ya'll learn and post too. I am one of those that reads everything befor I start. Twice even.
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