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I apologize in advance, for I have many questions that are all over the place.

Last year in the fall my dad and I purchased a Fukien Tea Tree Bonsai. We did not know that it is not recommended for beginners. Up until now, it has been doing quite well, and a month or two ago it bloomed many tiny white flowers.

Unfortunately, it has begun dropping some leaves and all the flower buds that were growing have died and fallen off. The leaves are brittle, so I think it is because I have been inconsistently watering it (fixing that problem now). On a side note, does wind affect bonsais? Around the time I noticed the leaves were dying it was in my room for a short period and I always keep my fan on high.

However, I wanted to know, is the type of water I use to water it important? We live in Arizona and have hard water. Although I have tried to use the most filtered water in our household there are still salt/calcium deposits on the soil and the rocks in the tray. If that is a problem, what sort of water should I use?

And fertilizing. I currently have some slow release pellet fertilizer that I used for our last bonsai (we accidentally killed it in the sun). Will that work for this bonsai, or do I need liquid fertilizer? From what I've read online, everything says to give it liquid fertilizer every two weeks. As a side note, we haven't fertilized it since we got it, so I am eager to get that going.

And finally, pruning. I have no idea where to start with pruning and shaping. The task is overwhelming, but I want to learn how to do it correctly and not be so intimidated by it. Any tips, advice, or resources would be much appreciated!

Thank you in advance!

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