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TOPIC: sick tree, stunted growth

sick tree, stunted growth 3 months 3 weeks ago #37200

Hello helpers,

I have a chinese elm bonsai that I like, and hope one day will be fairly impressive. it used to be very vigorous and healthy. then, it dropped its leaves for the first time. it dropped them all. I thought it was dead, but held onto it and continue to water it. One day it started to bud and grew a whole new set of great leaves. I let them grow and did not prune them. that lasted for about 1-2 months, and then it dropped them all again! A friend told me that it might have been getting too cold and thinking it was time to go dormant, but then coming out of it. This makes sense to me, so now its warmer. IT grew back some leaves, but then after a short period of growth, it stunted, and did not grow all of the leaves. in fact, many that were starting to develop just stopped in mid development, which looks really weird and worrysome. the leaves that did develop look good, a bit pale perhaps.

I wonder, should I give it time in the sun to do photosnythesis? should I put it into hibernation? at this stage, im worried that if i were to put it into hibernation, it would drop its leaves (fine), but then it would be really, really weak the next time it tried to grow. conversely, it might be a better choice, because the hibernation is super important....? I am certainly uncertain. for now, it has been doing OK in the sun, the leaves that did develop look good.

please leave some advice.

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sick tree, stunted growth 3 months 3 weeks ago #37201

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