Fukien tea (carmona) pests 5 days 2 hours ago #68416

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Hi! I am new to bonsai and have a fukien tea (carmona), and I think it has aphids. The leaves started turning brown on the edges and then falling off. I had a friend take care of it while I went out of town, and when I came back, there were a lot of black spots and flies flying around my tree. I tried to remove the pests by removing the worst infected branches first, then using equal parts of rubbing alcohol and water in a spray bottle, and then wiping the leaves off (which helped for about a week). At first I thought it was from over watering, but then I let the soil dry out and they still came back. Then, I had to go out of town again, and my friend took care of it, and I came back and it had more. I really just don’t know how to help my tree and keep it alive. If anyone knows how I can fix this please let me know!! Thanks!

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