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TOPIC: Need Help choosing soil

Need Help choosing soil 1 year 4 months ago #33900

This month i will be reppoting my Ficus Retusa, it is not one of the greatest and is showing a couple of flaw but i don't mind because still it is nice to take care of it and for now the biggest problem i got is choosing the right soil i already have some activated carbon and recycle glass aerator which is said who could substitute pumice, my big question is not if recycle glass is better than pumice or equivalent, it might be less better too but like i said it is not my question, i forgot i will also get my hands on coarse sand river so lets say that the only thing reminding is the main component of the soil like Akadama, Fired Clay etc ... what's bugging me is that i will not be able to get any of these soon so i am considering using sphagnum peat moss which is look by some to be one of the worse option ... the problem is that i might be forced to use this because i have no other option i didn't find the Fired Clay and i am out of money for the moment so i can't even do something and for the akadama let's say that i am not interested main reason been the price otherwise i am sure it is wonderful anyway what should i do if i use peat moss? use more soil aerator like the recycle glass and coarse sand river ?? and if i do so what would still be a problem ... would watering be more difficult as it would not retain as much water.

To make this simple, if i use only a little amount of sphagnum peat moss with a lot of that recycle glass soil aerator and coarse sand river will monitoring the dryness of the soil be a major complication?

recycle glass soil aerator

activated carbon
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Need Help choosing soil 1 year 4 months ago #33901

I find your post hard to read due to lack of punctuation. Actually, I skipped the first part.

Look under the species guidelines for Ficus and the recommended soil mix for it. I'm pretty sure it will not recommend recycled glass (not saying you cannot use it, it seems unusual and I don't know it).
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