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TOPIC: Overwatering?

Overwatering? 1 year 5 months ago #35654

Hi, i received a bonsai podocarpus last week and was told to fill a half liter waterbottle 75 % and keep watering it for 5 days. every 5 days repeat. Is this correct? I have found some brown tips on my tree that i'm currently cutting off to see if it's from the previous owner or if i'm watering it too much.

As you can see in the image some of the leaves are brown at the tip.

also, i use this type of pot where i refill the water from the bottom. i was told to refill it till it's almost spilling whenever i don't see it full.

please help me, this is a beautiful bonsai and i would hate to see it whither away on my watch.

Also, i keep it near the window, but my apartment does not receive so much light.

thank you in advance

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Overwatering? 1 year 5 months ago #35685

With watering do not water to a schedule learn to feel the soil to check if it needs watering if it is starting to go dry to the touch water it.
There are thousands of videos on watering on the net also check out bonsai4me.com full of good advice as is this website.
Whilst you water make sure you Pour water over the soil until it drips out of the bottom of the pot.
As for your light google the species and have a look foe a care guide i would have tought it Will need alot of sun so keep it in a west facing window if not at least a south facing one.
Light is very important dont neglect it of this.
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