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TOPIC: Winter for my GG Ficus (ggf)

Winter for my GG Ficus (ggf) 6 months 4 days ago #36455

hey el_cheezer,
this was a replacement, i recv'd in february..i located it on an end table @ my patio glass doors, took 2 months to acclimate to the spot (to stop dropping foliage), it looks good, the pics don't do it justice..if you've seen them..it's still getting new growth everyday with no drop offs, so far.
the temp is ~ 67-69 degrees and the humidity is ~50-57, which isn't to bad for this time of year, inside.
i water it in the bathtub LOL w\luke warm water from a water rain can then fert, so i don't shock it w\ 45 degree water...
thank you very much for your input, if there's is anything that you'd recommend, it would be much appreciated !!
my green ball juniper, outside, i try to kill it with direct sun, bring it down in the evening, water it a little..overall, it's grown "16 in 3.5 months !!
again, thanks for your input...BTW that's a Bad Ass looking Cichlid , what kind is it ???
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Winter for my GG Ficus (ggf) 6 months 3 days ago #36463

South American Blue ram. That's my own picture. Little guy died a while ago, but lived a happy life.

Ficus are awesome trees because they really don't require much to stay alive, and as long as it's not too cold, they acclimate quickly to almost anything. I would recommend adamaskwhy.com to get a real feel for what you can do with a ficus.

Guy has a great post on jades as well.
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Growing trees in: Lo-Hi 40°-70° F winters, 85°-115°F summers.
Keeping trees since 2012. Take my advice with a grain of salt.
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