Throughout the year several Bonsai, Shohin and Suiseki Exhibitions are held in Japan. The most important exhibition is the Kokufu-Ten, where the highest quality Bonsai trees of Japan are displayed. The exhibition is held in Tokyo in February. Another key event is the Taikan-ten, held each November in Kyoto. For Shohin lovers the most important show is the Gafu-Ten, also held in Kyoto in January.

In this article an overview is provided of the yearly main events.



Bonsai shows and events in Japan



Sakufu-ten, Tokyo. A Bonsai exhibition held early January.
Gafu-ten, Kyoto. The most important Shohin Exhibition in Japan, held early January.
Koju-ten, Kanuma. Azalea (Satsuki) Bonsai show, early January.
Meifu-ten, Nagoya. Large Bonsai show organized in mid January.



Kokufu-ten, Tokyo. The world famous Bonsai exhibition, main event of the Year. Held early February.



Sogo-ten, Tokyo. Japanese Suiseki exhibition, held late March.
Shunga-ten, Osaka. Shohin exhibition held late March.



No events



Omiya Bonsai festival, Omiya. Held early May.
Satsuki Festival, Kanuma. Held late May, when the Azaleas are in full bloom.



Satsuki festival, Tokyo. Satsuki tree show, held early June.
Meihin-ten, Tokyo. Japanese Suiseki exhibition, held mid June.



No events



No events



No events



Yusui-ten, Tokyo. A Satsuki tree exhibit.
Kinashi Bonsai Festival, Takamatsu. Held late October.



Shuga-ten, Tokyo. Medium sized Shohin exhibition organized in early November.
Annual Bonsai Exhibition, Takamatsu. Held mid/late November.
Taikan-ten, Kyoto. A Large Bonsai exhibition held in late November.
Kyushu Miyabi-Ten, Kumamoto. A small shohin exhibition held late November.



No events



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