Top 8: Cherry blossom Bonsai (Sakura)

An overview of some of the world's most beautiful Bonsai trees, in this top 20 video created by Bonsai Empire. The video is a collection of places we have visited in the past years.

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Bonsai can be extraordinarily beautiful, especially the few tree species that flower can look spectacular in the right season. Flowering Cherry Bonsai however are on an entirely different level!

The brief period in which the Cherry trees blossom (usually around late February and March) marks an important moment in the Japanese culture, it is associated with mortality and graceful acceptance of destiny and karma. There are countless cultivars of the Cherry, but the most common one for the cherry blossoms is the Prunus serrulata. In this article we have listed the 8 most beautiful flowering Cherry Blossom Bonsai trees. We also show flowering Bonsai trees in another top 10 post, should you want to see even more flowering trees.

(#1) Makoto's Cherry tree

cherry Bonsai by Makoto Tsuji

A cherry Bonsai by Makoto Tsuji.

(#2) Omiya Bonsai Art museum collection

Cherry blossom bonsai

Cherry blossom bonsai

A Cherry Blossom Bonsai on display in the Omiya Bonsai Art Museum, Japan. The Japanese name for the Chinese primrose is kanzakura, which means winter cherry. This name is given because the tree blooms earlier than cherry trees when the weather is still cold. This tree is around 85 years old.

(#3) Sakura Bonsai by Rinha

Sakura Bonsai

Sakura Bonsai tree by Rinha Bonsai, Japan.

(#4) Cherry blossom Bonsai

Cherry Bonsai tree

A very elegant Bonsai Cherry design

(#5) An old Bonsai Cherry

Old Bonsai Cherry tree

An old Cherry Bonsai tree, photo by Eki.

(#6) Mini Prunus

Mini Cherry Bonsai

Almost as small as it gets... A mini Cherry Bonsai in full bloom!

(#7) Timelapse Cherry Bonsai tree

Cherry Bonsai starting to bloom

Just starting to bloom...

Sakura Bonsai in full bloom

All cherry flowers have opened up.

Bonsai Cherry at the end of blooming

The first flowers are falling off and the leaves start to grow right after the blooms.

Cherry blossom flowers

Closeup view on the cheery blossoms (Sakura) - thanks to Teppei Kojima for these photos. Read more about the Cherry Bonsai care guidelines.

(#8) Okame Zakura Cherry Bonsai tree

Cherry Bonsai starting to bloom

This adorable variety of cherry blooming with small, faint pink flowers is called Okame-zakura. This variety was created by British cherry researcher Collingwood Ingram (1880-1981) in 1947 by crossbreeding two other varieties (Cerasus incisa var. incisa and Cerasus campanulata). Photo by the Omiya Bonsai Art Museum.

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