Top 10: Flowering Bonsai trees

In this video we share fruiting and flowering Bonsai trees. Bonsai in full bloom, or Bonsai growing fruits (like apples or kaki) are a delight to watch!

Flowering Bonsai video

Bonsai trees in full bloom are a spectacular sight. In this article we have listed the 10 most beautiful flowering Bonsai trees.

In general flowering species are treated and styled using the same techniques as for other Bonsai tree species. But they need the right amount of sunlight, should not be pruned until after blooming and need low nitrogen fertilizer applied as well.

The best know example of flowering Bonsai trees is the Azalea, a very common tree species used in Bonsai. The flowers can be pink, red or even purple. The bougainvillea and the Wisteria are also stunning examples of flowering Bonsai. We show these below in the top 10, but we also have one for Bonsai fruit trees!

(#1) Azalea Bonsai in full bloom, by Makoto Tsuji

Flowering Bonsai tree

Stunning image of an Azalea Bonsai tree in full bloom, by Makoto Tsuji.

(#2) Bougainvillea by Lorna Toledo

Bougainvillea Bonsai in bloom

Abundant flowers on this massive Bougainvillea Bonsai, by Lorna Toledo. Read more in the Bonsai with flowers article.

(#3) Satsuki Azalea

Satsuki Azalea Bonsai festival

Shown at the Satsuki Azalea Bonsai festival in Japan.

(#4) Flowering Bonsai, by Wolfgang Putz

Flowering Bonsai

This tree is an Azalea species of only 5" (14cm) high. The picture is taken in late spring / early summer, the moment when Azalea trees bloom (shortly, but very vividly!). The tree is planted in a Japanese Bonsai pot.

(#5) Wisteria Bonsai by Heike van Gunst

Wisteria Bonsai with flowers

Wisteria Bonsai tree in full bloom, simply spectacular. By: Heike van Gunst

(#6) Magnolia Stellata

Magnolia Bonsai tree

A very old specimen Magnolia Stellata.

(#7) Azalea Bonsai with flowers, by Teunis Jan Klein

 Cascade flowering Bonsai

Not often do we find an Azalea Bonsai in cascade style. The tree has bright flowers. By: Teunis Jan Klein.

(#8) Flowering Azalea

Flowering Azalea bonsai

Flowering Azalea tree.

(#9) A Bougainvillea variety

Orange flowers on this Bonsai

Bright orange flowers on what seems to be a Bougainvillea variety. By: 睿璿.

(#10) Prunus Mume (Japanese Apricot) by Michael Bonsai

Prunus mume Japanese apricot Bonsai

A Prunus Mume (Japanese Apricot) with tiny white flowers. Even more significant in Japan is the Cherry blossom Bonsai season. By: Michael Bonsai.

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