Any tree species can be used to grow a Bonsai from. This of course includes fruit trees!

Bonsai are kept miniature by applying techniques like pruning, wiring and repotting. Over the course of several years the leaves slowly reduce in size, which is crucial for the tree to appear natural. The fruits however often remain quite big. Tree species like the apple or lemon tree for example have quite big fruits, which can appear dramatic but perhaps a bit artificial. Other tree species, like the crabapple or pomegranate have naturally small fruits.

The most popular fruiting Bonsai trees are the Crabapple, several Citrus varieties, Olive trees and the Pomegranate. But you could also try the Blueberry, Cherry or Quince.

In this article we have listed the 10 most beautiful Bonsai fruit trees. We also show flowering Bonsai trees in another top 10 post.


(#1) Shohin crabapple by Katsumi Komiya

Crabapple Bonsai

Berries on a Crabapple Bonsai tree, very small size (called Shohin). By: Katsumi Komiya


(#2) Apple on Bonsai tree

Apple bonsai tree

"Big apple on a tiny Bonsai tree". It looks photoshopped, but it is in fact a real Bonsai. Leaves can grow smaller, but often fruits remain relatively big. Photo by: Flowerstory


(#3) Callicarpa Japonica Bonsai fruit tree

Callicarpa Japonica Bonsai with fruits

Callicarpa Japonica Bonsai, bearing flashy purple fruits. Photo by: Associazione Rock'n'Bonsai.


(#4) Orange fruits

Tiny fruits on the Bonsai

Cool fruits on the tree.


(#5) Japanese Winterberry (Ilex serrata)

Japanese Winterberry Bonsai

Japanese Winterberry, photo courtesy by Jonas Dupuich and William Valavanis.


(#6) Miniature garden

Bonsai tree with fruits

The color on the tree is great, notice the mini fruits on the grass.


(#7) Lemons

Lemon tree

A stunning Bonsai tree with lemon fruits.


(#8) Pomegranate fruit tree

Pomegranate (punica granatum)

Pomegranate (punica granatum).


(#9) American persimmon


Diospyros virginiana (L) American persimmon, by Luis Vallejo.


(#10) Apple fruits on Bonsai tree


Mini apples on this Bonsai fruit tree.