The Sageretia (Bird Plum or Sweet Plum) is a tropical evergreen plant, originally from China. It is very popular for Bonsai uses because of its small leaves. In spring small white flowers appear, that later on give way for small (black) fruits during summer.

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Specific Bonsai care guidelines for the Sageretia Theezans

Position: Preferably morning sun and afternoon shade. Keep it indoors, unless night temperatures are high enough (at least 55F or 12 degrees C).

Watering: Slightly moist, but make sure it never dries out completely, as the tree is very sensitive to periods of droughts. Check the moisture level daily.

Feeding: Fertilize the Sageretia Bonsai twice per month during spring and summertime.

Pruning: Clip and growth (shaping the tree by pruning, without any wiring necessary) is possible for this tree as it back-buds easily. Weekly pruning the Sweet Plum required once the tree has its basic shape.

Repotting: Once every two years, but only when fully root bound. Use a normal potting soil and remove up to 30% of the roots.

Propagation: From seeds and cuttings.

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Example of an Sageretia Theezans (Bird Plum) Bonsai tree

Sageretia theezans, Bird plum Bonsai