This post shows the garden of Bonsai artist Boon Manakitivipart (aka Bonsai Boon). His garden is located near San Francisco and showcases a great collection of Bonsai trees and accent plants. We added several photos, as well as a short video touring around the garden.



A few photos of Boon's garden

Boon and his dogs

Boon and his two dogs.


Bonsai placed in rows

Rows and rows of quality Bonsai trees!


Bonsai trunk

Trunk closeup; and the automated watering system.


Bonsai boon's garden

Great colors in the garden; the collection of Boon Manakitivipart is quite diverse.



Video of Bonsai Boon's Bonsai garden


We thank Boon Manakitivipart for having us over in his Bonsai garden! Visit his blog here or read Bonsai Boon's artist profile here.