TOPIC: ID this species please

ID this species please 1 year 5 months ago #37274

WIth the new picture, I am staying with Privet, a Ligustrum species. Consideriong the leaves are all contorted, I would say Ligustrum sinense, but they are hard to tel apart.

Most of the privets should stay outside yearround. (Actually, plants should be outside whenever the season allows it; Plants should only be indoors to rotect them from too cold weather else they will weaken).
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ID this species please 1 year 5 months ago #37275

Clicio wrote:

Lilac wrote: I will also take it to my local nursery and see if they can say something about it.

Good move.
The plant has a not so thin trunk, which is good, and apart from the curling leaves, it seems alive and well (some new green leaves!).
Let us know if you get any answer from the nursery.
Maybe as crent89 has said, it should be outside at the moment, unless it is a tropical.

I will. Thank you.
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