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TOPIC: My newly collected Yamadori tree :))

My newly collected Yamadori tree :)) 1 month 15 hours ago #51662

Georg’sWorld wrote: Im new in the world of Bonsai

OK. Go do some research on collecting yamadori. It takes preparation. Here is one site explaining it:


One of the things you need to know before collecting a tree is what species it is...

"An outdoor specimen with bonsai potential has little value if you cannot be sure that it is going to survive before you dig it up. To be able to determine that, it is necessary to examine the roots. Also, you have to know what type of tree it is and what its probable reaction will be. The roots must be as compact as possible so that a solid rootball can be dug up"

is this a way of treating newly starting enthusiasts?

How do you feel treated? I can understand that you're disappointed that we're not sharing your enthusiasm for your new tree, but you made the wrong start and that's all we're telling you. You can prove us wrong and show us the tree, well and alive, in a few weeks from now.

not talking a dozen Auk

I think you did:

"I came across a dozen of these"
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My newly collected Yamadori tree :)) 1 month 11 hours ago #51673

Practically any book, webpage, article, or class on bonsai will advise getting permission of the owner of the land where a tree is growing before digging it up. This is not just a legality, but common courtesy. Some might want written permission, but that may be a little too far. If the tree is growing on public land you probably won't get permission.
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My newly collected Yamadori tree :)) 4 weeks 2 days ago #51727

Georg’sWorld wrote: this one i choose because he was on the brink of death and looked to be suffering.. i thought that maybe i could bring him back too life.

Georg - Copenhagen over and out

Ideally, you choose a healthy tree to collect..
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My newly collected Yamadori tree :)) 3 weeks 6 days ago #51782

It's also a bit disrespectful to dig up a tree and try to tame it into a bonsai the way that you did. The art of bonsai highlights the beauty of miniature trees in direct comparison to their larger brothers...so to dig up a tree you don't know the name of, the needs of, or the proper way to take care of it because you thought it would be cool.

Well, it's just not a good way to start.
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