Crazy Bonsai

Top 10: Crazy and unusual Bonsai trees

In this video we show unique Bonsai trees that we have filmed visiting the main international Bonsai exhibitions. The creators of these trees are looking for new and innovative ways to display this ancient art form - do you like these designs?

Crazy Bonsai video

Its not difficult to find crazy, strange or at least unusual Bonsai creations on the internet. In this Top 10 we have listed the most interesting images.

(#1) Bag End Bonsai landscape by Chris Guise

Bag End Bonsai tree landscape

The wonderful Lord of the Rings movies were more than enough inspiration for Chris to recreate the Bag End landscape in miniature, with a stunning Bonsai as result. Read more about how it was made in the "Bag End Bonsai Trayscape" article!

(#2) Juniper Bonsai tree by Luis Vila

Juniper by Luis Vila

A Juniper Bonsai tree, placed in a unique Crescent Bowl which enhances the dramatic effect of the cascade composition. Photo by: Salvador De Los Reyes.

(#3) Crash Bonsai

Crash Bonsai

Miniature cars folded around Bonsai trees, the result? Crash Bonsai.

(#4) Bonsai Art by Makoto Azuma

Makoto Azuma Bonsai art

The Japanese artist Makoto Azuma created this exposition, using classic Japanese Bonsai trees.

(#5) Pine Bonsai at Ryokan Yachiyo

Kyoto Juniper Bonsai

It took 30 years to grow the 6,5 foot (2 meter) branch of this Bonsai, at Kyoto Garden Ryokan Yachiyo. Read more on Bonsai in Japan. Photo by: Michael Bonsai.

(#6) An 800 year-old Bonsai tree at Shunkaen, by Kunio Kobayashi

800 year old Bonsai tree

A remarkable tree which is well known for its extremely high age; the tree is reported to be over 800 years old! Its owner, master Kunio Kobayashi, is one of the most well known Bonsai artists in the world and has won the prestigious Prime Minister award in Japan 4four times. His nursery, Shunkaen, is located in Tokyo and is open to visitors.

(#7) Juniper by Peter Ebensperger

Juniper Bonsai

Spectacular and very unique display. Slanting Juniper Bonsai composition, forest style. Picture by Peter Ebensperger.

(#8) Bonsai tree-houses / dioramas by Takanori Aiba

Bonsai treehouse diorama

A truly stunning creation, combining a miniature city and a Bonsai tree into "Bonsai treehouses".

(#9) Bonsai trunk fusion by Greg Wentzel

Bonsai trunk fusion

Trunk fusions are a grafting technique that use multiple rooted cuttings to create a large base trunk with a dramatic even taper in a relatively short time frame. Read more about it in the "Bonsai trunk fusion" article.

(#10) Apple on Bonsai tree

Apple on a Bonsai tree

"Big apple on a tiny Bonsai tree". It looks photoshopped, but it is in fact a real Bonsai. Leaves can grow smaller, but often fruits remain relatively big. For more information, read the Fruits and Flowers with Bonsai article. Photo by: Flowerstory.

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