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Tokoname pots

Tokoname is a medium sized city located in the Aichi Prefecture, Japan. It is one of the six famous old kilns of Japan, producing tea pots, sewer pipes and... Bonsai pots.

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39th Taikan-ten 2019

The Taikan-ten takes place each year in November, in Kyoto. The level of the displayed Bonsai is incredibly high.

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Advanced videos

On our YouTube channel we're posting videos about Bonsai techniques on a regular base. A few of these videos are shared in this blog post, showing several free lectures on advanced Bonsai techniques.

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Bonsai podcast

In our very first podcast we talk about the living art of Bonsai with Bonsai master Bjorn Bjorholm.

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Trophy 2019

The ‘Best of’ 20 years Trophy was a stunning show displaying the best of the European Bonsai scene. In this post we share the winning trees and an overview of the exhibition.

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DIY: Shohin Bonsai forest

Creating a Shohin bonsai forest may seem an impossible job. The trees need to be placed together in a nice composition, in a shallow container, while staying under the 20cm / 8 inches size restriction of Shohin Bonsai.

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Bonsai Beginners Course

DIY: Kokedama

Kokedama literally translates as 'moss ball', they are beautiful compositions made with ferns, flowering plants, bamboo or succulents.

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Taikan Ten exhibition 2018

The Taikan-ten is one of Japan's leading Bonsai exhibitions, with an incredibly high level of Bonsai trees on display. It takes place each year in November, in Kyoto.

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Bonsai display in Nature

A traditional Bonsai display isolates the tree and allows the viewer to focus on the detail of the artist's work. The negative space between the tree and the accent plants permits the viewer to fill in these spaces with there imagination.

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Bonsai San show 2018

The European Bonsai San show is getting better and better each year. Two years ago four of Kimura's disciples did a demonstration, last year they invited mr. Luis Vallejo to show his trees, and this year once again was an impressive display of Europe's best Bonsai.

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The 6th US National Bonsai Exhibition

Here's the US National Bonsai Exhibition overview, including the winning trees. This year's edition was absolutely stunning.

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Cliff Bonsai

Trees clinging to a steep cliff, roots entangled in solid rock and beautifully detailed miniature buildings - welcome to the mysterious world of "Cliff Bonsai".

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