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Making a Juniper Bonsai

Learn how to make a Juniper bonsai tree! In this article and video we show you how to prune, wire and repot a Juniper tree of about 20 years old.

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Creating a Pine Bonsai

Learn how to make a Shohin sized Bonsai from a young Pine! In this article and video we show you how to prune, wire and repot a Pine of about 8 years old.

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20th anniversary

Ever since we started Bonsai Empire almost 20 years ago, it has been our goal to serve as an educational platform and to share the fascinating world of Bonsai with you.

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Collecting Suiseki

The mountain is particularly favorable for the collection of stones for suiseki. However, you have to know how to spot the stones, know where they hide, collect them without damaging them, and then reveal their beauty. In this article we show you the process.

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How to make a Bonsai

In this video we show you how to create a bonsai from cheap nursery stock material. The tree we work on is a 5-year-old Spruce (Picea abies), purchased at a local garden center for about 20 USD.

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The Dragon Bonsai

This tree looks aggressive and possesses an irreverent beauty, of contorted shapes and delicate foliage, adorned with that endless amount of thorns.

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Bonsai courses

Masahiko Kimura creates a Bonsai

In this lecture Masahiko Kimura discusses the aesthetics and design options for a Japanese white pine.

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Trophy 2020

The 21st Trophy was a stunning show displaying the best of the European Bonsai scene. In this post we share the winning trees and an overview of the exhibition.

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Tokoname pots

Tokoname is a medium sized city located in the Aichi Prefecture, Japan. It is one of the six famous old kilns of Japan, producing tea pots, sewer pipes and... Bonsai pots.

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39th Taikan-ten 2019

The Taikan-ten takes place each year in November, in Kyoto. The level of the displayed Bonsai is incredibly high.

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Advanced videos

On our YouTube channel we're posting videos about Bonsai techniques on a regular base. A few of these videos are shared in this blog post, showing several free lectures on advanced Bonsai techniques.

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Bonsai podcast

In our very first podcast we talk about the living art of Bonsai with Bonsai master Bjorn Bjorholm.

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