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Hedges and tree

This post shows the remarkable creation of a small Bonsai landscape, by Joe Selworthy. It consists of a single tree (a maple) and a hedge (cotoneaster trees). Together with added moss the resulting miniature looks stunning!

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Garden Bonsai examples

Garden Bonsai are potted trees that are very similar to, yet slightly different from Bonsai.

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Bonsai garden design

A well designed Bonsai garden makes your trees stand out more than anything else.

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Tree vs Bonsai

It will be no surprise to anyone that nature is a big source of inspiration for those interested in Bonsai. After all, the ultimate goal of growing a Bonsai is to create a miniature version of nature.

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Bonsai tree kit

Buying a Bonsai tree in a shop is nice, but wouldn't it be much cooler to do it yourself? A great way to start growing Bonsai trees is to buy a Bonsai tree kit and style the tree into a Bonsai.

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How to create a Bonsai Rootstand

Have you ever made a Bonsai rootstand? Until a year ago, I had no experience with it either!

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Bonsai courses

Requirements of Bonsai Soils

One of the most widely debated subjects for most Bonsai enthusiasts is soil composition. Good Bonsai is not merely on the design, but a good Bonsai should portray a healthy tree that grows in a small container and this strongly depends on the soil used.

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To Akadama, or not to Akadama?

At Bonsai Empire we receive questions about Akadama, and its use for Bonsai soil, quite a lot. With the recent price increases, troubles in supply and proposed alternatives (including cat litter) people seem to be in doubt whether or not to use Akadama at all.

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Bag End Bonsai Trayscape

A large hill (The Hill) lay to the north, and under its southern slopes Bilbo's father Bungo built the luxurious smial Bag End above the lane of Bagshot Row.

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From ‘Mallsai’ to Bonsai

They are well known all over the world. S-curved tropical ficus plants. Mass produced in Asia and exported to be sold as ‘bonsai’. You can buy them at nurseries, at Ikea and even at supermarkets.

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From clay to Bonsai Pot

Making Bonsai pots is a complex process which requires a lot of knowhow, experience and artistry.

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The most expensive Bonsai tree

Bonsai trees come in all tree-species, sizes, shapes and... prices. Ranging from a few dollars for a small and young plant to one plant that sold for over a million dollars in Japan!

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