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Yamadori: Shohin Bonsai

Ones first image when thinking of ‘yamadori’ Bonsai is of a large tree discovered in the mountains with an ancient twisted trunk, shari and jin and beautiful cultivated foliage.

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Shohin Bonsai pots

Pots used for Shohin and Mame are a study in themselves. Beautiful pots are now being made in the West for Shohin and Mame, especially with the increased interest shown in this variety of Bonsai since the new millennium.

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Bonsai presentation

If you’ve ever attended one of my talks on displaying Bonsai. you will recall my enthusiasm for doffing the cap towards traditional Japanese display ethics while adopting those principles for our own environment and indigenous tree species here in the UK or Northern Europe.

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Bonsai events calendar

In this article we attempt to create an overview of all the Bonsai events held yearly, worldwide. The dates shown here are those of 2012, and these will vary slightly over the years.

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Bonsai wallpapers

With many thanks to Paul Goff we can offer you a few Bonsai desktop wallpapers to download!

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A Bonsai in the four seasons

"During May, June and July, the northern hemisphere is exposed to more direct sunlight because the hemisphere faces the sun. The same is true of the southern hemisphere in November, December and January.

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Bonsai Beginners Course

Building a Bonsai bench

After thirty years working with Bonsai I decided enough was enough – I needed a decent bench to display my ever growing collection of Bonsai. It took me a further three years to finally get round to actually building it.

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Bonsai terminology

In this article an attempt is made to explain the most commonly used Bonsai terminology, with a section on English botanical terms, Japanese styles / general terms and an explanation of Bonsai tools.

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Bonsai infographic

Bonsai trees are mystical objects, subject of the imagination. To provide some insight in where it comes from and what it's about we created an infographic, with all the basic information you need to get started.

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