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Super Mini Bonsai

As we all know, the basic concept in Bonsai is to make a mature tree in small size; so the smaller the Bonsai is, the more difficult to make.

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Bonsai trunk fusion

Trunk fusions are a grafting technique that use multiple approach grafts of seedlings or rooted cuttings to create a large base trunk with a dramatic even taper in a relatively short time frame.

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The use of virtuals in Bonsai design

Every Bonsai artist whether professional or recreational, creates an image in one’s mind to design and shape the tree in front of them. In most cases this image is of a finished tree in its mature and final state.

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Creating a Bonsai stand

What is a Bonsai stand or "dai" to the enthusiast? When a Bonsai artist is going to show a tree, it needs to be presented on a stand.

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Growing Bonsai moss

Besides a pot, there are several attributes that are important to enhance the visual display of a Bonsai tree. Covering the surface of the soil with moss is one of these, a practice very common especially when displaying Bonsai trees at exhibitions.

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Photographing Bonsai trees

I am asked many times how to make decent photographs of Bonsai.

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Bonsai courses

Large Trident Maple Bonsai

Although Bonsai is the art of growing miniature trees, I have always been fascinated by Bonsai that are on the large side. Shohin and Chuhin size Bonsai do very little for me.

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Working the trunk

The title being a given, the question that quickly arises is; “What makes a trunk great?” and only marginally second comes the question: “How do we create a great trunk?”.

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Clip and Grow technique

Lingnan Penjing artists prune trees with the “Clip and Grow” method. By using this pruning method, Penjing artists do not use much, if any, of the wiring technique when training and styling his/her trees, but simply keep clipping the branches as they grow.

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Synergy of miniature landscapes

"Bonsai" is a term for the Japanese art of designing dwarfed trees in shallow containers. "Penjing" is the older Chinese form that often has wilder-looking trees and landscapes in pots. These two are the most common forms of what we call magical miniature landscapes, a group of arts that are philosophically-related. When examined closely, this particular group of creations can also be seen as related to some other human endeavors.

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Yamadori: Shohin Bonsai

Ones first image when thinking of ‘yamadori’ Bonsai is of a large tree discovered in the mountains with an ancient twisted trunk, shari and jin and beautiful cultivated foliage.

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Shohin Bonsai pots

Pots used for Shohin and Mame are a study in themselves. Beautiful pots are now being made in the West for Shohin and Mame, especially with the increased interest shown in this variety of Bonsai since the new millennium.

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