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Bonsai San show 2017

The European Bonsai San show is getting better and better each year. Last year they invited four of Kimura's disciples (and we had the honor to interview mr. Kimura himself) - this year they have a guest of honor who is bringing the best pieces of his collection to Saulieu: mr. Luis Vallejo.

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Bonsai Europa 2017

Over one hundred great trees on display, interesting lectures and demonstrations, free workshops for children and a wonderful location; the Bonsai Europa event was held last weekend and we share the winning trees here.

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Crespi Cup 2017

The Crespi Cup 2017 was a beautiful show displaying the best of the European, and in particular the Italian, Bonsai scene. In this post we share the winning trees and an overview of the exhibition.

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Bonsai DIY

In this movie we show how to create your very own Bonsai tree from a nursery plant.

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Penjing garden Qingyi Yuan

Qingyi Yuan is a Chinese Penjing garden in Suzhou style, located near Shanghai. The collection is absolutely stunning, with Japanese styled trees as well as Chinese styled (Penjing) trees - some of the best we have seen in the world.

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Tomomi Mori

Tomomi is a lady on a mission; trying to make Bonsai more popular to the younger crowds in Japan - a mission she shares with us.

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Bonsai courses

World Bonsai Convention

The World Bonsai Convention was a gigantic event with 45.000 visitors. Over 300 Bonsai were on display and several demo's were given by Japanese as well as international demonstrators.

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Shinji Suzuki interview

Our recent "Bonsai Fundamentals Course", with Michael Hagedorn, was filmed entirely in the beautiful garden of mr. Shinji Suzuki. At the end of our film project we had the chance to sit down with this world famous Bonsai master, and ask him about his vision on Bonsai.

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Spectacular Spring colors

One of the things I like most about Bonsai is the fact that it is a living art. Bonsai trees change over time as well as through the seasons. Especially deciduous trees show these changes; in the color of their leaves and by growing fruits or flowers. In this post we show Bonsai in their spring and summer colors.

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Herbal Bonsai

If you like Bonsai, you might be missing out on a whole variety of plants to grow in your collection; Herbal Bonsai. Cultivating herbs for their medicinal purposes has been common practice for hundreds of years, but how to apply their qualities for Bonsai is relatively unknown.

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Noelanders Trophy 2017

The Noelanders Trophy show is about the end and, as always, it was a beautiful show displaying the best of the European Bonsai scene. In this post we share the winning trees and an overview of the exhibition.

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The Bonsai that survived Hiroshima

This story went viral on the internet, but it’s undeniably true. The Yamaki family, living in Hiroshima, styled and cared for this tree for five generations.

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