Marija Hajdić (Dubrovnik, 1976) graduated at the Faculty of Law Split and works in legal profession. Andrija Zokić (Split, 1978) graduated Art academy in Split - sculpture.

Andrija and MarijaCurrently works as and an art teacher. Marija and Andrija are a couple, they live in Croatia at the coastal Adriatic city Kaštela, near Split. They grow Bonsai together since 2000. After few years self taught Bonsai practice in 2007. they met Walter Pall, who become their teacher. Their Bonsai collection contains Mediterranean species and evergreen trees: Wild olive, Mastic, Strawberry, Phillyrea, but also deciduous trees such as Oriental hornbeam, Ash, Wild cherry, Wild plum etc. All the trees are yamadori - collected by themselves.



Quick facts

Appeared at these events: Bonsai Autumn, Noelanders Trophy, Bonsai Museum Dusseldorf (individual exhibition in 2013.)

Appeared in these magazines: Bonsai Focus

Awards: Bonsai Autumn 2011. in Switzerland two prizes: Nominated tree and Special Prize for best Native tree in natural style from Bonsai Museum, Dusseldorf.

Books: N/A



More information about Marija Hajdić and Andrija Zokić

It is not usual to practice Bonsai as couple, but they do it naturally. Sometimes one of them is working alone, but never major tree design. They go to nature together in a search for exciting material. Collecting, transplanting, shaping, pruning, wiring… also. They have similar taste, and complement each other. Creative process starts by choosing material in nature. In 90% of cases if one is thrilled with potential candidate, other one is also.

Sometimes they disagree, and then talk more and decide later. When they bring collected material, at home, they try to put it in some reasonable pot, in a right position, immediately. They exchange impressions, and try to emphasize the best from the tree. As they say: “We are at the same time teacher and the student to each other.”

At his moment they have around two hundred broadleaved trees in various phase of development. Their main goal is to work and create personal collection of trees with soul.


Some of Marija Hajdić and Andrija Zokić's Bonsai

Olea Sylvestris bonsai

Olea sylvestris


Pistacia Lentiscus

Pistacia lentiscus


Prunus Cerasifera bonsai

Prunus cerasifera



Contact information

Location: Kaštela, Croatia

Email: marija (at), andrija (at)